250k tpy rolling mill for rebars 8/22mm (COMPLETE)

This is a complete, USED ITALIAN rebar mill, starting from billet 130mm by 6/12m lenght, composed of 22 stands in continuous, 4 flying shears, loopers, quenching, 42m cooling bed with double channel, complete packing area with 2 automatic tying machines, dc motors, spare parts, guides, testing lab, workshop equipments, air compressors, water pumps, transformers and medium-voltage distribution.

manufacturers: NCO, SIMAC, ANSALDO, CEAR, OMV


continuous roughing mill:
no.1 2hi stand Ø650mm + gearboxes + dc motor
no.7 2hi stands Ø450mm + gearboxes + dc motors
no.1 brake/clutch flying shear + ac motor

intermediate mill
no.2 2hi stands Ø390mm + gearboxes + dc motors
no.4 2hi stands Ø330mm + gearboxes + dc motors
brake/clutch flying shear + ac motor

finishing mill
no.2 2hi stands Ø330mm + gearboxes + dc motors
no.6 2hi stands Ø260mm + gearboxes + dc motors
no.1 start/stop flying shear + dc motors
no.1 thermex quenching line + booster pumps

cooling area
m.41 input hydraulic double channel + hyd unit 
no.1 cooling bed 41x6m

m.41 output runway + ac motors 

packing area
no.1 cold shear 350t + ac motor
no.2 automatic tying machine + hyd units
no.2 runways for tying machines + ac motors

– lub oil units
– workshop equipments (lathes, drills, milling machine)
– air compressors
– spares (rolls, dc motors, ac motors, tools, bearings, shafts)
– testing machines (quantometer, tensile strenght, etc)
– 15ton wheel crane

– reheating furnace and services
– mv/lv transformers and distribution, power centersm automation & ac/dc drives
– water threatment plant and pumps

– pipes, cables