Multi turns automatic tying machine (suitable for bundles lifting)

in-stock: no.1
type: Multi turns automatic tying machine (suitable for bundles lifting)
condition: refurbished
lace diameter: Ø350mm to Ø700mm
wire rod diameter: Ø5.5mm to Ø7mm
no. of turns per lace: 1 to 10
no. of lace per hour: 60 to 100

this automatic tying machine, hydraulically driven, is capable of creating round laces (Ø350mm to Ø700mm) useful to lift bundles of bars (rebars or merchant bars) and transport them internally in your factory. The lifting capacity of each lace depends on the wire rod diameter and on the quantity of turns set.

scope of supply:
– wire rod holder and uncoiler
– automatic tying machine with 11kw hydraulic drive
– laces collecting device
– control desk, drive and automation panel