2HI stand 360/410mm, movable, horizontal

in-stock: no.0
type: 2HI stand
condition: new
manufacturer: COMSIDER
model: 360/410, movable, horizontal
roll neck: 200mm

each one is composed of:
no.1 2HI pinionbox, c.d 360mm, reduction ratio 1/1, on bearings type 23040
no.2 cardan shafts Ø285mm, lenght 1750+800mm
no.1 2HI fixed roll stand housing, open-top, for rolls Ø340-410mm, barrel lenght 800mm
no.1 choks set on bearings type 24040
no.1 basement with hydraulic lockings, for roll stand and pinionbox
no.1 hydraulic unit for roll stand movement and locking

DL360 TR – ASSIEME – 40.00.100 CILINDRO_40.03.101