2HI stand 320/350mm, movable, horizontal

in-stock: no.0 (manufacturing time: 10 weeks)
type: 2HI stand
condition: new
manufacturer: COMSIDER
model: 320/350, movable, horizontal
roll neck: 160mm

each one is composed of:
no.1 2HI pinionbox, c.d 320mm, reduction ratios 1/1 to 1/10, on bearings type 24124
no.2 cardan shafts Ø225mm, lenght 1500+700mm
no.1 2HI fixed roll stand housing, closed-top, for rolls Ø290-350mm, barrel lenght 700mm
no.1 choks set on bearings type 23132
no.1 basement with hydraulic lockings, for roll stand and pinionbox
no.1 hydraulic unit for roll stand movement and locking