3HI roughing mill 450/500mm

in-stock: no.1
type: 3HI roughing mill
condition: refurbished/new
manufacturer: OMAV/NCO/COMSIDER
model: 450/500mm
roll neck: 260mm
input: billets 100/130mm, 3/6m lenght

composed of:

no.1 3HI roll stand with choks on bearings (new)
roll neck: 260mm
roll barrel lenght: 1150mm
roll diam: 440 to 500mm
bearing type: 24052

no.3 cardan shafts (new)
flange Ø390mm
lenght 1080+80mm
no.1 pinionbox on bearings
center distance: 450mm
reduction ratio: 1/1

no.1 gearbox on bearings
reduction ratio: 1/6.5

no.1 flywheel 4.5ton

no.1 ac motor 1100kw 742rpm 380v 50hz