TURKS HEAD cold rolling line, for square and flat

in-stock: no.1
type: cold rolling line, turks head
condition: used
manufacturers: PROMELCO (IT) and others

input material: round bar 5mm to 14mm
output products: square bar 4mm to 8mm
output products: flat bar 6x3mm to 19x3mm
output speed: 0 to 100 m/min


a) no.1 uncoiler device for coil max 3000kgs
+ hydraulic pump

b) no.3 horizontal 2HI stands (motorised roll gap adjustement)
+ no.3 dc motors 73kw

c) no.2 turks heads with edging rolls

d) no.2 laser measure checking devices KEYENCE

e) no.1 coiler device DANIELI with main motor dc 30kw
+ strand alignment motor dc 0,75KW
+ ejectying car motor dc 0,75KW
+ hydraulic oil unit

f) no.1 automation panel for stands
+ no.3 dc converters 280a

g) no.1 control desk for stands (speed and current control)

h) no.1 automation panel for coiler device
+ no.1 dc converter 80a/20a

i) no.1 control desk for coiler device (speed and strand pass adjustement)